At-Home Water Park Adventure!

Yesterday we came back from our first family vacation with uncle, cousin, and grandparents up in Massanutten Resort and he had his first experience in their water park! There were going to be some tears when we departed, but those stopped with a promise when other rewards were made! May the fun times never end, and may the joy be spread throughout the world.


As I live in a condo, I’ve had to come up with what I can to ensure the waterworks aren’t tears, so here are my findings on Amazon for those of us who don’t want to travel far and wide to have the same experience.

This lovely piece has almost 1200 reviews, and is worth the dollar amount for the fun playtime your little ones will have. It’s perfect for a play date, or with the elders of the family. Best of all, it can be entirely covered once playtime is over to avoid unwanted guests ruining the fun.

At a lower price, you can get this piece which I purchased for my son a couple of years ago. It was quite ideal as I kept it indoors during the winter, and after moving the cover under the table to make space, I must say that it was a life saver.

This is a new favorite, creating a little world for the little men as they practice their grilling techniques for those BBQs to come! The gates allow for wheelchair access, the canopy provide the cool shade, and yes, there is a mini water and sand pit too! The price may be higher than the other products, however it compares well as it provides more features. So far it received 5 stars from all customers who bought it.

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